Environmental Chemistry (June 5 - 9) will not have a quiz but 1 question from each topic will show up on the Final minimum.

There are 3 Review Assignments
1) Required: In-Class Packet
2) Required: Review Packet (Below)

3) OPTIONAL: Review Guide Problems (Below)

a) Do NOT print this out, complete on a separate sheet of paper
b) There may be some questions in here we did not cover - just put "DNC" next to the question number/letter
c) Either complete ALL of it or do not bother - no partial grades given
Selected Problems
Chapter 7: Sec 3 Q4a; MixRev Q7, 9a
Chapter 8: Sec 1 Q2, 6a; Sec 2 Q1, 6; Sec 3 Q3; MixRev Q2, 4b
Chapter 9: Sec 1 Q5a-b, 6a; Sec 2 Q4, 5a; Sec 3 Q1; MixRev Q1a-c
Chapter 11: Sec 2 Q4-8; Sec 3 Q6a-b; MixRev Q4
Chapter 16: Sec 1 Q4; MixRev Q6
Chapter 17: Sec 1 Q1b-e; Sec 2 Q1a-b; MixRev Q4a-b


Print out all THREE for Wednesday 5/24


Print this out.

Final Lab Report - Quantitative Analysis of Vinegar Lab

Lab packet below (ignore question #1)
Everyone needs at least one reference AND citation (for Question #6)
You might need more for background information as well.
You do NOT need to cite me or the lab sheet UNLESS you are using something I said in your background section.
Due Date will be on Chalk Board.

Activity of Metals Lab Report

Due Dates
Period 1 - 2/28
Period 3, 5, 7 - 2/23

Analysis Question 1, 2, 3a (the table only) - put in the Analysis Section of your report
Analysis Question 3b (ranking of elements) and 4 - put in the Conclusion Section of your report

FACT SHEET DEVELOPMENT for UNIT 3 TEST December 15th or 16th

1) It is NOT a list of facts
2) It is NOT a copy-and-paste of your notes/packets/homework
3) It is graphically organized such as the example below - you can NOT use this as your own but it can be a model to build yours.
BE CREATIVE. Color code, use pictures, abbreviations/language that make sense to YOU.
4) It can NOT be used on the Quiz and can NOT be used on the Midterm.
5) It DOES count as a homework assignment!
6) Rough draft due 12/14 or 12/15 (Day before Test)

Graphic Organizer Software:
Google Search 1: graphic organizer --> go to Images
Google Search 2: concept map --> go to Images

Color Coded Periodic Table Example
Your periodic table does NOT have to use the exact same colors BUT you must be able to distinguish between BLOCK, TYPE, and GROUP NAME. Some of the periodic tables I have seen do not do this clearly enough. If your periodic table does NOT look like the picture below, I recommend that you change it to look more like the picture below.


Rutherford Simulation Lab Report - Due WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 9th. MUST BE PRINTED!
The lab packet can be found below. If you take anything out of there for use in your background/conclusion, CITE IT and REFERENCE IT! (The URL better link back here!)

Unit 2 Test Corrections - DUE MONDAY OCTOBER 24th!

All corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper. Number the question you are correcting.

Multiple Choice questions can be corrected for 1pt/question but MUST include a full-sentence explanation for credit.

Open-Ended: The individual questions canNOT be corrected; however, identify 1) physical properties, 2) physical changes, 3) chemical properties, and 4) chemical changes in the paragraph below. You will earn 0.5pt/correct response. Set up a table similar to Question #22, you do not need to justify each answer.

Aluminum is a solid, silvery metal at room temperature. It also happens to be very soft which makes it extremely malleable, which is why it is often found in foil form and lightweight as it has a density of 2.7 g/mL. Melting occurs at 660 *C and boiling at 2467 *C. Aluminum is a fairly reactive element which means pure aluminum is almost impossible to find in nature. However, if you own aluminum foil or aluminum parts, the surface of the metal will react with the oxygen in the air to produce aluminum oxide, which is very stable (unreactive) and why pure aluminum tends to remain shiny over long periods of time.

Your First Assignment - Due ASAP
Read, sign - along with your parents/guardians - and return the Research Project Permission slip that I handed out on the opening day. It is really important that this is completed ASAP.

Your Second Assignment - Due Friday September 9, 2015
The first assignment of the year is to find the appropriate CPST Class Rules and Lab Safety rules .pdf files and read them.

Then print out the Rules Acknowledgement, sign it along with a parent/guardian and hand it in.

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