Environmental Chemistry (June 5 - 9) will not have a quiz but 1 question from each topic will show up on the Final minimum.

There are 3 Review Assignments
1) Required: In-Class Packet #1 (With Study Questions on Page 1) DUE JUNE 13th
2) Required: In-Class Packet #2 (With Vocabulary on Page 1) DUE JUNE 13th
3) OPTIONAL: Review Guide Problems (Below) DUE DAY OF YOUR FINAL EXAM

CP Chem Study Guide.pdf
CP Chem Study Guide.pdf
CP Chem Study Guide.pdf

a) Do NOT print this out, complete on a separate sheet of paper
b) There may be some questions in here we did not cover - just put "DNC" next to the question number/letter
c) Either complete ALL of it or do not bother - no partial grades given. There are 46 questions in total.
Selected Problems
Unit 5 Part 1 (Reactions): Ch8 Sec1 Q2, 6a; Sec2 Q1, 3, 4, 5; Sec 3 Q3; MixRev Q2
Unit 5 Part 2 (Moles): Ch7 Sec3 Q2, 3a, 3d, 4a, 5a, 5b; MixRev Q7, 9a
Unit 5 Part 3 (Stoichiometry): Ch9 Sec1 Q5a, 5b, 6a; Sec2 4, 5a; Sec3 Q1; MixRev Q1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 4
Unit 6 (Thermochemistry): Ch17 Sec1 Q1b, 1c, 1e; Sec2 Q1a, 1b; MixRev Q4a
Unit 7 (Solutions): Ch12 Sec1 Q3, 4a, 4b; Sec3 Q2; MixRev Q1, 4a
Unit 8 (Acids/Bases): Ch15 Sec1 Q1, 2a, 3a, 4b; MixRev 1a, 2a
Unit X (Ideal Gas): Ch11 Sec3 6a

Adopt an Element

Note: The only portion of your report that is collaborative is the Procedure, Data (Tables), and Analysis. Everything else is to be completed individually.

Lab Sheet -

Periodic Trends Data

Color Coded Periodic Table Example
Your periodic table does NOT have to use the exact same colors BUT you must be able to distinguish between BLOCK, TYPE, and GROUP NAME. Some of the periodic tables I have seen do not do this clearly enough. If your periodic table does NOT look like the picture below, I recommend that you change it to look more like the picture below.

Half-Life Activity (Bonus) - Must be Completed by Friday 11/17/2017 by 8am
Read the lab instructions in the pdf file below. You can come in during ANY lunch when I do NOT have lab, during the morning (730-8am) or after school (3-330pm).

Rutherford Simulation Lab Report - Due WEEK OF THANKSGIVING!
The lab packet can be found below. If you take anything out of there for use in your background/conclusion, CITE IT and REFERENCE IT! (The URL better link back here!)

Interesting Article

Identity of Blocks Lab - Due October 4th (or the 5th if you do not have class that day!)
All values in g/cm3

Acrylic - 1.16 - 1.19
Aluminum - 2.70
Brass - 8.0
Calcium - 1.54
Cadmium - 8.69
*Copper - 8.9 - 8.96*
Magnesium - 1.75
Nylon - 1.13
Latex - 0.92-.96
Oak - 0.6 - 0.9
Pine - 0.35 - 0.6
PVC - 1.39 - 1.42
Rubber - 1.13-1.20
Steel - 7.6
Tin - 7.28

Composition of Pennies Lab Report - ROUGH DRAFT due wk of September 25th; FINAL DRAFT due wk of October 2nd
Below is a picture of the procedure

Next is the Lab Report Template

Finally the class data excel file

Your FIRST Assignment - Due Friday September 15, 2017
The first assignment of the year is to find the appropriate CP CHEM 17-18 Class Rules and Lab Safety rules .pdf files and read them.

Then print out the Rules Acknowledgement, sign it along with a parent/guardian and hand it in.

Your SECOND Assignment - Due NEXT MEETING
The second assignment of the year is to find Unit 1 - Introduction to Chemistry Part 1 handout (it is on the same page as those above, by the way) and print it out for our next class meeting.



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Scheduling Make-Ups and Before/After School Availability
With the new block schedule, it is probable that most of your make-ups can occur during the school day. Check my schedule for when I am on lunch and not conducting a lab period with another class, although it might be possible for you to make up your work while that is going on, I will not guarantee it.

It is YOUR responsibility to set up meetings before, during, or after school and it is YOUR responsibility to keep them. Do not say you will come in at 7:30am or after school and then not show up.

Mr. Castagno
- Mornings: I try to arrive around 7:30am but Parkway traffic dictates my actual arrival time
- Afternoons: I am always available until at least 3:05pm (except 2 Monday's a month) except Friday.
- This schedule changes during hockey season (mid-November to late-February)
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